Bill from NY…. After years of dating all the wrong women I finally broke down and went to Dianne Bennett. After meeting just 3 women I have found my soul-mate. This service saved me from the dozens of bad fix up dates where I found myself with nothing at all in common with my date yet had to endure an excruciating 3 hour dinner.

Jason from OC…. Being the President of a multinational corporation didn’t leave me much time to search for a woman I can relate too. Besides I wasn’t about to go to bars in hopes of finding the right one. This service screened the women so well that I haven’t had one bad date. While I haven’t found the woman of my dreams yet, I certainly have been having fun.

Elliot from SF… I think it is quite clear where all the beautiful women in Hollywood are. This service introduced me to all of them.

Eden from Los Angeles… As a lawyer for an entertainment company, I was meeting lots of men but certainly not the right ones. Dianne somehow manages to filter out all the players and has some of the greatest guys in the city who are looking for a real relationship.

Lena from Moscow….I am living in West Hollywood now. I have a master’s degree in psychology and now in a doctoral program. I am not about to go out to restaurants in hopes of finding a nice guy. Dianne makes it possible for me to have a social life without compromising myself.




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