The Millionaires-Matchmaker is an exclusive and private match making service. Members are selected after an exhaustive interview and investigation of personal information submitted for review. Millionaire Club reserves the right to deny anyone these services. Millionaires-Matchmaker offers a variety of services. Not all individuals will qualify for the range of dating and match making services offered by the Millionaires-Matchmaker. Payment of the fees does not guarantee that the Millionaires-Matchmaker will undertake to assist you in your search for a suitable life partner. Those who would apply for the unique services offered by the Millionaires-Matchmaker are accepted as a client only after the management is satisfied that there is a reasonable probability that the service can be effective. Even then there is no express or implied warranty that a life partner can or will be found. Results will vary. Members understand that a suitable date for him/her may not be located in close proximity to that member. As such members understand that he/she may be required to travel some distance to meet the prospective date. Should the member refuse to travel to meet the recommended date, the member hereby agrees that MM cannot be held responsible for that member’s failure to find a suitable date/partner. Based upon the experience of its past success, Millionaires-Matchmaker can only show you the way to find the life partner you are searching for.