The Matchmaker

Her successful matchmaking company, conducted out of a dazzlingly refurbished mansion, Dianne Bennett Matchmaker Beautiful Women — Successful Men, has only increased her power as a magnet for single millionaires and beautiful women the world over.  She prospers famously in a glamorous enterprise after decades of her reign as the syndicated recording industry columnist for the Hollywood Reporter.  More recently, she has eclipsed all of that with her current over achievement.  Says one savvy show biz observer, “In many ways, she is even more powerful today, in this field, than she ever was building music industry careers when she was its most feared columnist.”  The Los Angeles Times accurately reported “outraged by a Bennett item, one leading Hollywood publicist once challenged Bennett to a duel with pistols.”  Dianne’s comment on that was “fortunately most publicists aren’t good shots”

Because Bennett’s stable of countless beautiful girls are such a standard of excellence, she is by all accounts the preeminent matchmaker in the world!  The most beautiful of women have been navigated by Bennett’s steady hand and Midas Touch toward brilliant billionaire husbands.

The force of Bennett’s infectious and upbeat personality combined with her sunny good looks are collectively a mechanism that allows her a constant social ascendancy in her jet set world.  To be sure, it cannot be overstated, “that you either have it or…you don’t”. She has it, in spades, and surely, no one does Dianne Bennett better than Dianne Bennett.  She works the world like a great hostess works a crowded party.  “Because of Dianne Bennett there are some gorgeous human beings around the planet now, because Dianne introduced the parents to each other.” says one Bennett fan.

Bennett’s conscience governs her every move at, Dianne Bennett Matchmaker, Beautiful Girls—Successful Men. What sets Bennett apart from her many imitators is her diligence in researching every client, male and female.  She thoroughly investigates these successful men, studying their moral fiber, learning their goals, analyzing their careers, verifying their salaries, holdings…everything.  And she is as comprehensive in her investigation of her beautiful women.  All of this is accomplished before she introduces anybody to anybody else.  “I don’t want surprises.  I don’t want my gentlemen clients or these awesome women to hear anything from me about each other except the absolute and hopefully impressive truth”, she says.  “Hey, my good reputation is on the line here, and I’m not going to risk anything”, she emphatically asserts.

As one of her male clients recently said,  “I wish I’d had someone doing this homework prior to my previous marriage.”  Dianne says, “I only want pleasant surprises.”

Although she was a cover story in LA Weekly and lengthily profiled in Los Angeles Magazine and was recently a guest on Oprah, the gregarious Bennett remains mute on the specifics of which famous men and luscious women, have found through her efforts ‘their soul mates’  (She doesn’t mention that attorneys quickly notify her of a “do not reveal clause” in any contract with a celebrity client).  “I’m not going to name drop, and my clients know that I won’t, but I will tell you how this works,” she says.

“I am paid a fee by an entrepreneur, or perhaps, film star, who is guaranteed by me, to receive this for their investment a vast array of choices that are predicated on their review of profiles with photos. After that, I let nature take its course.  Sometimes, too often really, the gentleman and young lady don’t want to see anyone else because they have fallen for each other right away,” Bennett says, proudly.

Somewhere between Bennett’s glamorous duties as a columnist and her as-glamorous duties as a matchmaker, she earned her stripes as a conduit for beautiful women and successful men when she was L.A.’s great party giver.  To be sure, at her fabled events:  entrenched men and gorgeous women were feted by Bennett and introduced by this gregarious native Californian.  Bennett’s ability to include everyone in the room, “getting even wallflowers into the act,” …everybody eventually met everybody else. As Los Angeles Magazine says “…Bennett, effervescent and ballsy, takes hold of lonely humanity, steering with a very proficient hand.”

One Texas banker, a most-satisfied client, attests that Dianne’s “women look like Playboy centerfolds, but talk like Phi Betta Kappas.  I could not have met women of this standard in such numbers on my own,” he says looking over at his beautiful, smiling wife whom he met through…Dianne Bennett.

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